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Caught in the Act!!

With my current work biscuit fired it was time to raku this weekend.  My hubby always does the firing and I am in the house glazing.  He will often pop his head in and say "You don't want to be doing that, you what to be doing this".  Basically he loves to poke his perky nose in where it is not wanted.  I have learnt now never to make at weekends as he will often keep waltzing through the kitchen and add his penniworth which always seems to stress me out.  Plus my concentration goes to pot.  Anyway, this weekend I thought I would leave him to it, let him relax and fire at his leisure.  Low and behold when I bring him out a cup of coffee I caught him in the act with the blow torch on my raku hares.  I severely game him a ticking off and reminded him whose work it was.  He promised he had only meddled with one and that he would not touch anymore.  I trust him as he swore apologetically to me.  So I went back into the house to carry on with the glazing.  A while later Charlotte and myself were off to Tescos and I popped my head into the garage and there he was blow torch in hand again!!!  To say the air was blue was an understatement.  After inspecting the remaining work, I Sherlock Holmes, found 5 peices of work had been tampered with.  Not good.  The rest of the evening was spent with many blowtorch jokes such as "Man on a Ledge with a blowtorch!!"